Financial Advice From Intern To Consultant

Financial Planning & Medical Lending Specialists

For the last 10 years, Voyage Financial has provided financial services and education to doctors and allied health professionals across Australia. We sponsor and work with the medical societies at hospitals across Perth, including Fiona Stanley, Royal Perth, Sir Charles Gairdner, Perth Children’s and the SJOG suite of hospitals.
What can we offer you?

A Simply Unbeatable Lending Proposition

If you’re thinking of purchasing or refinancing, no matter whether you’re an intern or a seasoned consultant, there is simply no reason to look anywhere else for financing.  Here’s why…
Voyage Loyalty Bonus
We offer 20% of our ongoing annual commissions back to our clients, as a thank you for remaining one of our valued clients.
Approvals Within 4 Hours & Crazy Low Rates
You've seen those online lenders that turn deals around in hours and offer ridiculous rates? We've got access to those!
10+ years of experience
Our brokers include ex-accountants & private bankers, deeply experienced in assisting medical professionals.
ALL Medical Lending Options
We cover the full range of medical lending options in Australia.
Policies Unavailable Anywhere Else
As recognised medical lending specialists, we have access to options not available anywhere else, including using income not yet earned, 0% deposit loans, lending against goodwill & more.
Every Type Of Finance
Leverage our relationships to access the best residential lending, commercial loans, practice, equipment & fit-out finance.
Dedicated Personal Lending Partner
We've built our business on relationships. Your lending partner will become your go-to for advice - for years into the future.
Private Banking Partnerships
Want to skip the wait music and clueless 'help line' staff? We can establish your banking within the Private divisions of major lenders, giving you access to a dedicated banker to assist with your enquiries.
In-House, Discounted Settlements
We work hand-in-hand with a local settlement agent, offering you a better settlement experience at a vastly discounted rate.

Integrated Financial Advice

Financial advice for medical professionals is critically important. Doctors often receive little training or support in the way of managing financial affairs, leading to costly mistakes. 

Our financial planning proposition…

Specialised Advice Framework
Our advice is provided using a carefully constructed Advice Framework. This means that we don’t rush to sell financial products. Rather, we work through your Financial Foundations to ensure that when the time comes to start looking at investments, superannuation or buying your first home, you know that you are in a safe and secure position to do so.
Transparent Fees
Our fee structure is something that we are really proud of. We don’t hide behind the fees that we charge because we know the value we offer our clients. We offer a Fee for Service model, with no hidden fees around the corner, and we don’t take any fees or commissions from your investments, ever.
An Education-Based Approach
We want to be able to educate a client about their finances, to teach and structure their finances in a way that removes bad habits. We always ensure our advice is simple to understand & we’re not in the business of confusing clients with complex strategies. We are in the business of helping you achieve the outcomes that matter to you.
Assistance From Cashflow Basics To Retirement Planning
Our advice is flexible enough to help an intern manage their first year of earning, through to a consultant managing a transfer of wealth to the next generation.

Taxation & Accounting Relationships

While we currently don’t hold tax and accounting in-house,  we do have close relationships with experienced, independent accounting  professionals.

All you need to do is ask about how we can help with your personal or business tax returns, company & entity structuring, your deputising or locum work.

What Will Happen When You Submit An Enquiry?

We'll review & contact you

After receiving & reviewing your enquiry, we’ll reach out to you.

We decide how we can help

On a 15-20 minute phone call, we’ll work through what we can do, how we can help & what it might cost.

We proceed together

We’ll take action based on our conversation. This could be a meeting, an application or a decision to 

A Few of Our Clients

Dr Talia and Dr Alex James

Dr Nadine and Dr Richard Chilton

Ahmad Fleyfel

Andrew and Kristin Sattell

Sam and Owen Walsh

Dr Nathan Burcham