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What happens when you have a health scare

by alex brownbill

Some could accuse me of being a little dramatic when I say a health scare (…my wife). She’d be right. BUT health related events (even minor ones) do encourage one to pause and reflect on what could have been.

It is difficult to put this any other way, but a few months ago I experienced a small amount of bleeding where there should be none. The thought process went like this:

  1. There’s blood.
  2. What did I eat last night?
  3. …blood means cancer
  5. When did I last check my insurances??
  6. Thank goodness. It was a few months ago. My family will be ok.
  7. ………………………………….Maybe I should see a doctor

It’s difficult to describe the relief of knowing that your family will be well looked after with a large sum of money in case of untimely demise, and I feel as though i’m incredibly fortunate to have been through it and lived to tell of the experience.


Quite often we have clients in our office who are well advanced in their plans for children, property, careers and assets. They seem pretty much as though they have at all together, until the question comes:

“How well would you have survived if your partner failed to come from work this time last year, or had ben diagnosed with serious illness?”


It’s a question that strips away all hopes, dreams and goals. It forces reflection on what your partner means to you and how much you operate as a team. What happens to the mortgage? How can I look after the kids AND work? Can we continue to afford what we have? The most common answer we hear is “I don’t know.”


Previously when talking about these issues to clients it has been an exercise in mental arithmetic; juggling likely scenarios, costs and benefits etc. After having a health scare (if yes, admittedly minor) I realise now how very quickly all of those arguments become worthless (and in hindsight how stupid. We’re talking about your family’s future!).


The one feeling I was left with in that initial moment (and subsequent moments) was “Thank every possible thing in the universe that I put insurance in place and my family will be fine.” It is a feeling that is difficult to put into words and only once experienced do you realise how absolutely essential insurance is.


Income protection, life insurance, disability and trauma insurance may not save your life, but it will mean the world of difference to those closest to you. Thinking about it when something happens (if you’re capable of thinking anymore) is too late.


I don’t think that anyone truly believes that insurance is not worth it. Yes, it is true that some insurance is expensive, but the alternative is worse. The most common excuses we hear are those of cost or belief that they don’t need it. Let me tell you, unless you have no family, no liabilities and no reason to live, it is. Some insurance at some level is one of the best gifts you can give your future self. We honestly hope it’ll be a huge waste of money but if it’s not you’ll think back just like I did and give a huge mental sigh of relief.


I know that dealing with this stuff is ALWAYS pushed down the list of ‘important things you must get done because you’re now an adult.’ I’m urging you to pin it to the top and go and book an appointment now. Preferably us, but if not, any decent planner.


Oh. BTW I’m fine. Got checked out (aka a tubing). All A-OK. Healthy as.

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